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Don’t Click Open On That Attachment Quickly!

July 5th, 2017 by Christopher. Posted in Advise from the Pros, Anti-malware, Anti-virus, Ransomware.

The enemies behind ransomware plan to attack your computer by your willingness to open any attachment that comes via your e-mail system; however, you need to learn ways to protect your business by training your users not to quickly hit “Open” on any attachment.


What to Look For: Ransomware Attachments

Sometimes ransomware attackers can use your friend’s e-mail address or computer to spoof their e-mail information and send you attachments that seem legitimate. The common enemy uses Compressed ZIP files with attachments inside to try and hide the communication of viruses.

Some other common methods are PDF files or Word documents that contain GUIDs (Unique Identifiers) that do not make sense on the attachment you are receiving. The reason some of these attachments use GUIDs is because their own ransomware code is generating random junk for the attachment name enticing the user to click on it because the user would not know what is attached.

How to Secure My Company’s E-mail

Kahnnect IT offers several firewall applications to protect your e-mail from ransomware, viruses, malware, and junk e-mail from reaching your mailbox. Some of our services include Proofpoint and several other private server appliance solutions or cloud-based e-mail firewalls to ensure the safety of your company’s e-mail systems.

How to Train My Users

Kahnnect IT can help provide its clients on guidance on how to train users, current and future, on clicking e-mail attachments. We can help ensure that they are receiving legitimate e-mails and only clicking on attachments they expect and are from the verified senders. One key thing is to always check the originating e-mail address, not the name of the sender, to make sure the attachment is not coming from another place on the Internet.

Call for Action

Contact Kahnnect IT today to learn how to train your users, update your computers, and to prepare for future ransomware attacks.

Ransomware Blocked by Malwarebytes: Petya-esque

June 30th, 2017 by Christopher. Posted in Advise from the Pros, Anti-malware, Anti-virus, Ransomware.

On June 28th, 2017 Malwarebytes was happy to announce that their software was able to block the Petya-esque Ransomware Attack as it hit businesses across the globe. Tens of thousands of businesses have already reported that they were infected just one month after the release of another ransomware attack – known as WanaCrypt0r.

Prepare for Ransomware

The Use of a Real Time Engine

Malwarebytes was happy to announce that clients using the Malwarebytes Endpoint Security that they were protected against this new specific ransomware variant called Petya-esque using their real-time detection engine.

Malwarebytes’ real-time detection engine continuously monitors for ransomware behaviors which were analyzed with this latest round of attacks.

The Petya-esque Ransomware Variant

Malwarebytes’ describes the Petya-esque attack as “more powerful, professional, and dangerous than last month’s WanaCrypt0r attack.”

The new variant of this attack uses the same loopholes in the Microsoft operating system platform that were used for the EternalBlue exploit to gain control of a user’s system.

The difference with this variant of the ransomware attack is it loads it self into the boot loader of the operating system making the computer’s contents useless until a key is given at boot time to reboot into the normal operating system.

Update your Operating Systems

In this stage it is important that you, or your business, have run all of the latest Windows Updates to protect your system. Please also contact Kahnnect IT to learn how you can take advantage of great pricing to get your company online with the latest version of the real-time Malwarebytes Engine in a multi-user setup.

Protect Yourself

Should you have any questions on protecting your systems with the latest technologies in Ransomware Prevention please contact Kahnnect IT today.

Kahnnect IT can protect your business using the latest technologies including the real-time Malwarebytes Engine and the latest updates for operating systems to keep your company online.

Recognize What Your Customers Want

February 14th, 2017 by Christopher. Posted in Advise from the Pros.

Analytics Is The Key to Understanding your Customers

At Kahnnect IT we understand that your web site means everything to your business. It is important that when you are building and maintaining a web site that you understand what your clients want. Your clients could come to your web site wanting something, but leave when they do not find it.

What Should I Do?

By implementing services such as Google Analytics with Kahnnect IT you can gain a wider understanding of what your clients are searching your web site for. Every piece of information is crucial in getting everything from one sale to hundreds.

Analytics – What Do They Tell Me?

Analytics can provide a company with everything from search keywords, user demographics, to actual pages that were of interest to the user.

Implementing What the User Wants

Create a business plan. If you notice a subset of users is searching your site for a specific product or service you are not offering yet you should be prepared to perform a “call to action” and implement.

How can I get this service today?

Kahnnect IT offers Information Technologies (IT) Development Services. To learn more about our offerings with Google Analytics you can contact us today for a free consultation.

Protecting Your Home Computer Protects Your Corporate Network

December 31st, 2016 by Christopher. Posted in Advise from the Pros.

It is very important that you protect your home computer with the latest antivirus, antimalware, and other security tools that are available. One of the most common incidents in technology is when two devices are connected to the same network they tend to share information. That is the way of technology and networking. Along with the good information that can be shared among two computers there is always a chance that any devices connected to your home can spread negative information to your work computers.

Networking Computers: The Pros and Cons

Here is an example: You bring home a work computer to work from home on a snowy Pennsylvania day. You have a home computer, but haven’t kept it quite up to date. Now you run a risk that your home computer might contain something dangerous that could spread to your work computer by being on the same network.

Now all situations are different, but it does not hurt to take precautions to protect your home, work, and other devices.

Don’t Break the Bank

Since it is the holiday season and you probably spent a lot on gifts for the family here are some free resources to get started on the road of computer protection for at home:

Both of these programs are available for Mac and PC platforms. One common myth is Mac’s cannot get infected; however, they can in different ways from Windows-based computers.

We are Here for You

As always Kahnnect IT, LLC is available for your Information Technologies needs. Should you want to request a free consultation about protecting your home or business computers give us a call today.


The Kahnnect IT Team


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