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At Kahnnect IT we believe that it is our duty to help serve our global community members with their Information Technologies (IT) needs.

We Care for our Community

At Kahnnect IT we care for our community’s Information Technologies (IT) needs because these organizations are here for us when we need them the most. Without these organizations we would not have the many advances with the various industries in the world today.

Our Projects

Torah Bank

Our team of dedicated technicians contribute time to the ongoing development of Torah Bank. Torah Bank is run on the WordPress Blogging and Content Management platform. Our skilled technicians continue to create add-ons, plugins, and modifications to ensure the continued uptime and functionality of Torah Bank.

Using a system of affiliates and easy to watch videos, that are especially relevant in today’s culture, Torah Bank provides a continued 24/7 way to access hundreds of educational materials on the Torah and its meaning to deliver results.

Our skilled technicians Louis Kahn and Christopher Zenzel continue to help with the great mission of Torah Bank to deliver high quality learning material across the world.

Concordia Lodge No. 67, F. & A. M.

In 2015 Concordia Lodge No. 67, F. & A. M. needed a way to convey information on an easy-to-use web site. Concordia was receiving new members who were interested in the delivery of immediate information regarding lodge events without waiting for monthly lodge notices. Finally in April 2015 Concordia entered the age of new technology with a brand new WordPress Content Management System and Blogging environment. Using technologies such as CloudFlare, Facebook, and Twitter the lodge can now keep all members and guests updated on new events and lodge happenings without breaking the bank.

The web site is continually maintained by our skilled technician Christopher Zenzel.

Lu Lu Shriners

The Lu Lu Shriners of Plymouth Meeting needed additional help with their infrastructure and help desk needs. Our skilled technician Christopher Zenzel, shortly after becoming a Freemason, joined the office staff to deliver a concrete solution on providing additional workforce to the Shriner’s IT needs. Christopher has provided over 4 years of Information Technologies (IT) support to the Shriners to help with everything from ensuring a smooth e-mail system for arranging hospital transportation to ensuring electronic management of fundraisers and other activities goes as planned.

The Lu Lu Shriners continue to receive help from our skilled technician Christopher Zenzel.

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